Sunday, October 10, 2010

Be on the cover of COVER?!

If any of you would like to get a spread or possibly be a on the cover of our sister site COVER Magazine, then post your Stardoll username here with a short summary on why we should choose you. You must also be a member of the club ModeliniaModels to be chosen. We are currently looking for October models to include in the magazine; good luck!


  1. Gbbbe2 , because i'm sure that i'll be chosen and i'm not here for lose .

  2. hp-4ever
    Because I'd love to mix different styles and looks on the cover of COVER. TCOVER has amazing looks and I'd love to wear one of them, no matter if it's on the cover or inside the magazine itself.

  3. Hi, I am Princessvx, AKA: Vicky (:
    Why you should choose me? Well, I don't like saying I stand out in the crowd in someway, I am not the nicest person, or the meanest, nor the prettiest, and hopefully not the ugliest, but I do have a half in all good qualities, and I like to share them with SD, and COVER magazine may just give me the chance to do that. I am passionate about my style, and my unique side can shine when I intend it too (:

  4. Sasha_sushi

    Well these opportunities dont come everyday.
    I quite like my doll, and i think it's special in it's own way.I try to make it pretty, and model material.I try to make my clothing items unique and original. I have never been on the cover of a magazine. I am not perfect but I am happy with how I am and what i have.

  5. Hi.
    I'm Ioana (Iovanca on SD)
    why you should choose me?
    because i love COVER! it is one of my fav sd magazines! the graphics are amazing and so are the articles. i would love to be featured in cover, or even on the cover of it, and i think i can bring something different, fresh. i really think that my medoll deserves to be on the cover of such amazing mag :)

  6. My name on stardoll is carolzinha1706, I would be the cover of the magazine because I am Brazilian and I would tell a little like Brazil.
    Talk a little about my country for the American dolls!

  7. I should be on the cover or featured in Cover Magazine,cause I have what it takes.The Cover needs fierce,feminine,beautiful,devoted models.I'm different and unique.Actually,we all are on our ways.I think you should pick me.Maybe I'm not perfect,but I'm me.I know what I want and I know that fashion is very important part of my life.I can be someone who are you looking for.I won't dissappoint you.

    My Stardoll name is: Avril14140

  8. Hi! I'm Vicki95 on stardoll, you can call me vicki!
    I absolutly would love be on the cover or featured in Cover Magazine Because its my dream!and i think i have what it takes!. And i absolutly love your previous magazine so i know this latest cover will succe too! I think my medoll has a special look , i like my medolls look alot :) i have never been on a cover or been featured in a magazine so this would take my breath away i guess, i would do anything to for this! thanks for the oupportunity!
    xoxo vicki95

  9. My stardoll name is syligirl.I should deserve to be on the cover of Cover because I've been trying for years to be in a magazine.A few months ago I stopped modeling, but now I'm trying again in different modeling agancies. I also want to be in the magazine because there are alot magazines who always put the same ''elites'' on the cover, And I hope that there will be a time that I will get on a cover ;)